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Alternate Paid to promote your referral link Tools.

When you’ve got yourself at least 20 active referrals in your down line, really give your referral promotion a massive boost using these paid services. They are all reasonably priced, but don’t use them until your down line is working for you and bringing in their own referrals.



fiverr pro bnner ad

There are 100’s of paid services, but the above 3 have never let me down with producing a regular flow of new referrals.
All three of them are especially good if you don’t have the time for the Traffic Exchange advertising route, set up a weeks plan with Rotate4All or Rotate5URL and let them do the work for you. You will be pleasantly impressed and a lot cheaper than using the Golden-Farm in house Referral promotion tool.

There, you are now ready to go, get signed up and set your goals as to how much of a realistic regular income you want to receive from Golden-Farm. Start by getting those referrals though because your get frustrated seeing the Silver Coins building up in your account, but not having the Gold coins from your referrals to release the monies into your online wallet.

When your completely set up, do as I have and use your Golden-Farm earnings to set yourself up with one of the other regular online systems. I use the 2 located below, Coastal City and Elven Gold. Have 3 incomes from 1, sounds better doesn’t it. Use your own experience from Golden-Farm with other programs of the same nature.


golden farm earn monry bannerelvengold new bannercoastal city banner

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