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  • From Day 1 of signing up, start advertising your referral link to all your friends, family and contacts. Start getting your own referral down line to increase your potential regular income.
    (More details on how to get referrals can be viewed in the Referral Promotion for Golden-Farm.
  • Login daily if possible to receive your Daily Bonus of Silver Coins (Between 10 to 100), every 24 hours, Shame to waste them!
  • When making a deposit (Replenishing account), scroll down to bottom of page to see the bonus Bird/s you will also receive. If your only going to deposit say $20, don’t make 1 deposit of $20. Make 2 deposits of $10, you will receive a free Brown bird with both deposits of $10 compared to only 1 Brown Bird with a $20 deposit. Take advantage of a free bird, even though a low producing one, but all helps to increase your regular income from increased production of Eggs.
  • Set up a Payeer account to receive your income, other options available but this seems to be the most used. Use the Link in left tab if you don’t already have a Payeer account to sign up.
  • Keep re-investing the money you withdrawal. Your receive a greater amount of Silver Coins  compared to using the Swap coins to Silver option. Just remember your initial deposit amount, your only re-investing and not putting additional monies in but receiving bonuses each time, unless your really going for those higher producing Birds. (Remember split your deposits between bonus bird offers to receive additional free birds)
  • Invest earlier rather than later to get the higher egg laying birds. For just $10 your get enough Silver Coins to have 3 Blue Birds each laying 1430 eggs an hour, thats a massive 4290 eggs an hour, 102,960 per day compared to your initial Green Bird of 5 an hour, 120 a day.

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