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Lets meet the Egg laying Birds.

 System Bird Values and costings
  Bird Colour     Eggs per hour       Cost    Approx $
  Green:                  5                     150       0.03
  Yellow:                 55                  1500       0.23
  Brown:                277                 7500       1.20
  Blue:                 1430               37500       5.70
  Red:                  7230             150000     22.80
  King Bird:         21925             375000     57.00
  Super Bird:      210 for payout  750000    114.00

Super Bird pays direct to payout wallet, all other birds split silver between buying and payout wallets.

The in house currency exchange, from Silver coins to real dollars $ is 6697 = $1.

You will be awarded 150 Silver coins on signing up. This is enough for 1 Green Bird, but at least a start, getting 5 Eggs an hour, 120 Eggs a day. Being a long time user of the system, these are a waste of time, for just $1 you can have 4 Yellow Birds laying 5280 Eggs a day. 

Still pretty pointless to start making a regular income, don’t use the 150 Silver given in Sign up to buy a Green Bird, deposit $5.68 and you have 37500 Silver Coins, 1 Blue Bird, 34320 Eggs a day.

Doesn’t take much to work out, but now you should be seeing what not to do with small amounts of Silver Coins. Don’t waste them on buying low producing Birds, wait until you have enough for your next Blue Bird minimum.

I made this mistake myself and just kept buying Green Birds. I have in my account 361 Green Birds, because I coudn’t wait to use the Silver Coins. Don’t be a fall like me. 361 Green Birds only produces  43320 Eggs a day. 1 Blue Bird nearly does that on their own, for only $5.68. This will save you a year of waiting, for enough Silver Coins for the next Green Bird.

I soon learnt, and thats why I’m passing this information onto to you. Like I have said, I have been using this system for nearly 2 years. If I’d had this information in front of me at the beginning, as you’ve been given by me, I would have saved myself over a year putting me where I am today. Learn from my mistake, and take advantage to do it right, the 1st time.

Carry on to the Hints & Tips. Get yourself use to where to go after you’ve signed up,  and your be in a better place than I was when I wanted to start earning at additional income using this simple online game system.

Remember what i said at the beginning of this page, about the current searches for Golden-Farm. 90% are because people don’t understand the program. They will ask is it Legit, others are asking for tips,  details about the birds, cheats (There are none as its an automated system), eggs, game tips, referrals, login, sign up.

Your being given this information, all for nothing, only some of your time. All from my own learning and personal mistakes, so don’t rush off.
Take a look at the Hints & Tips plus the list of Referral Tools, that I use on a regular basis to build my regular income. This is an important area of being successful in this online income earning opportunity.


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