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Earn money online bannerThe Idle Online investment Game, with investment farming and Cash Withdrawal, is written in English and Russian. Its amongst one of the most popular online games, with search engine requests varying from plain simple Golden Farm.
Other main searches where viewers seem to be aware of this online money making site, but looking for additional information about the site, seem to be golden farm login, golden farm sign up, tips, birds, legit, cheats, eggs, game tips, referrals, site, payeer payments, PayPal, Visa card payments, goldenfarm depositing options.

After spending nearly 2 years as an active member of this site, I will hopefully pass on some useful  knowledge about the site. Covering most, if not all of these search areas. Areas that I personally learnt by mistakes along the way. I’ll show you how to take full advantage of the system. I wish there was a site such as this one, too guide me when  I signed up, thus the reason I am doing this for you.

By the time you have completed viewing my site, your be in a great position to sign up, login and head straight for the higher producing egg laying birds. Increasing your regular cash income withdrawal amount from day one, rather than waiting months with your sign up bonus low producing Green bird..

If your looking for a quick get rich website, this one is definitely not for you, unless your willing to invest a good amount from the beginning rather than waiting for your birds to produce their eggs. This is a progressive long term regular cash income site, requiring weekly actions by yourself after login. Its easy, simple and the benefits will be worthwhile.

Now down to what your here for, making money online. caters for English and Russian language readers, so for later in your use of their system, you will know where to target your own affiliate referral audience.

The basics of the online system is to purchase Egg laying birds. Collect the Eggs, Sell the Eggs for Silver coins, swap the Silver coins and reap the benefits. This giving you a regular monetary amount to your online wallet.

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