Golden-Farm - regular payment of real money online

The set up makes it easy to make money online, for doing almost nothing. Their system runs everything in the background whilst your at work or sleeping.
Registration is free and your receive a bonus bird plus 300 system currency (Silver coins) on signing up.
Go straight to the site if you don’t want to read the rest.

Profit every 10 minutes!  

Initial start is slow with your one free bird (Green). laying only 5 eggs an hour. When you get enough Silver Coins though, higher egg producing birds are available.
For more information on the Golden Farm Birds you can purchase, click here for pop up to appear


To be honest, I found that the Green, Yellow and Brown Golden Farm birds didn’t make much of a boost to your possible extra income. When you’ve built up enough Silver Coins for a  Blue, Red or the Ultimate King Bird your start seeing a difference.

When you get these birds this Make Money Online idea, will give you at first a small income of a few cents, but through time increase to dollars every day.

Your probably thinking it will take months / years to get enough Silver coins to buy a KING BIRD. Your correct, if you keep sticking to buying your Green, Yellow and Brown birds.

Its decision time to make a small investment amount to really get your income going. There is no rush to invest, it took me nearly 1 year before i did, but what a mistake that was. Where I am now making $25 a day would have been doubled, if I had invested earlier rather than later.

For example Only $30 you will have enough for your 1st KING BIRD,  leaving Silver towards your next higher producing bird (Blue, Red or Another KING BIRD)
(Point to Note: Instead of making deposit of $30 in one go, make 3x $10. With a $30 deposit your receive 1 Free Brown Bird, but with 3x $10 deposits, your receive 3 Free Brown Birds making you an additional 831 eggs per hour instead of 277 )

Must do’s in Golden Farm, regular payment of real money online:

  • Set up a Payeer account to receive your income, other options available but this seems to be the most used.
  • Collect the Daily Bonus. From 10 to 100 extra Silver Coins every 24 hours
  • No need to continuously keep collecting eggs, they don’t go  off. Its up to you as and when you collect them.
  • Start getting your own traffic / referrals to your site account. This gives you more options for increased earnings.
  • Keep re-investing the money you withdrawal. Your receive a greater amount of Silver Coins  compared to using the Swap coins to Silver option,
  • Invest earlier rather than later to get the higher egg laying birds. For just $10 your get enough Silver Coins to have 3 Blue Birds each laying 1430 eggs an hour, thats a massive 4290 eggs an hour, 102,960 per day compared to your initial Green Bird of 5 an hour, 120 a day.
  • Don’t waste the excess Silver Coins on getting the lower producing birds. Wait till you have enough Silver Coins for at least one Blue Bird. Wait a few more days for enough Golden Farm Silver coins to purchase a higher producing bird. Its better waiting another few days, rather than buying the lower producing birds. Your higher producing bird will make up the loss within a few hours.

Warnings of in Golden Farm, regular payment of real money online:

  • Please read the rules and regulations of the site. There always available. They may seem long, but at least you know what your signing up for.
  • Keep an eye on how many Gold coins you have. See section 4.2 of the rules and regulation.
  • You’ll receive an amount against your Golden Farm Gold coins when you make a deposit, but they will reduce when you make a withdrawal.
  • Your also receive Golden coins when your referrals make deposits.

Thats the basics of the Golden Farm, real money online site. Take a closer look at the Using Golden Farm page, showing you views and explanations of each area. Your then know when you’ve signed up, where to go and what to do straight away.

Alternates to Golden Farm below.

Profit every 10 minutes!

Build your City and enjoy the rewards!
Use one of the alternate sites, and from your withdrawals, pay for the other two. Look after  all 3 and before you know it your making a reasonable growth each week.

The Most Popular Traffic Exchange

Also included in this web site are places to help get your referrals.  Some of these are Free, others at a minimal cost, but will make your job easier building your down line quicker, and increasing your regular income. Take a look at the Referral Tools page.




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